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October 10, 2006


Vicki Stiles

Dog Lady sounds like a compliment to me! You have such a big heart AND quite a sense of humor. I'm still checking your site every day for the little Shih Tzu that will fit well with our family. I will be reading your blog regularly, as well. It was informative and very entertaining. Thank you for all you do for the furbabies!

Linda Thomas

I admire what you and the other workers do every day - saving as many furry lives as you can. We adopted Skippy from Rosemary through the Senior Dog Project in July, and he has brought so much joy to our lives. I want to thank Rosemary and your wonderful organization for saving him and for letting us adopt such a wonderful puppy. God bless you all.

Reba Reed

We adopted Sugar (poodle/maltese mix) April 2005. She is so attached to me. Mommy's girl is what the kids call her. She goes everywhere with me- even inside the post office and grocery store! She is scared of storms though so she likes to snuggle between my husband and I. She is still struggling with the bad breath and poor teeth condition issue, but for her age we bare with that. Otherwise, she is doing well. She has done well with the kids but more of my dog since I spoil her.

Thanks for allowing us to adopt her. We love her!

Doug and Naoko

Just a little hello from afar. I am so proud of what you are doing. I know it takes a huge amount of effort, caring and love to dedicate your life to this project. I am very proud of my Aunt! Keep up the good work. I will enjoy reading your updates.
Nephew Doug(and can I now say, niece-in-law Naoko?)

Pat Johnson

What you do is amazing. I have for dogs myself and volunteer for the Dallas SPCA. I grew up in your neighborhood and still have family there. I look at your website regulary and enjoy looking at your rescues. I think you do a fabulous job.

You Rock....

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