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October 31, 2010


Tamara Henry

You might not remember me, but my husband and i came to your home probably eight years ago. we brought in a yorkie to see Simba, a little orange Pomeranian in your care. We wanted to see if they would get along, and the yorkie was terrorized. my husband has never been more embarrassed... anyway, we've since adopted several more dogs, and we too were at Mexico, and brought home a yorkie and a one-eyed Chihuahua. I spent all day in tears thinking of these precious babies and where they had come from, and where they were going. It wasn't until we were in line to pay that we found out that the rescuers were there too, and in green shirts. Wish we would have known. We would be in our finest emerald. God bless you, Ellen, for the work you do. You have been our inspiration to save as many sweeties as we can. btw - Simba has his own recliner, and rules the roost.

Cheryl Herries

It's so wonderful knowing that many dogs will now have happy, comfortable & healthy lives but it really breaks my heart that many dogs lives will be so much worse at even more terrible mills. Somehow, knowing that these dogs are fairly friendly and can easily become pets makes the idea of them going to the worst mills so much worse. Too bad the worst mills can't go out of business first.

Amy Januszewski

We just want to say thanks for Teddy Bear (though we did change his name to Wickett W. Warrick (the Ewok from Star Wars!)), he has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has apadted nicely to lounging on the couch, eating his homemade food, and playing with his new pal Gus. He was pampered at the groomer and behaved very well. Everyone was so excited to see him and play with him. He has figured out the doggie door and since we haven't had any accidents in the house. His curious and fearless nature provide us with hours of entertainment. He is a sweetie and we are glad we found him.

No more puppy mill for this guy, he is finally where he belongs!

Amy Januszewski

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